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Pocket Folder Features & Colors

Our pocket folders come in 4 linen colors of stock: Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green, and Burgundy.  We also offer Glossy White, Black, Red, Blue, and Silver.

Presentation folders can be made from ANY other colored linen card stock or glossy card stock, but it is considered a special order with a small increase in the price.

Each folder comes standard with two four inch pockets on the inside. There is a business card slit cut on each pocket allowing you to insert two business cards..

Generally, customers have us imprint the front cover with company name, logo, and sometimes the contact information such as web site. Occasionally, customers request an imprint on the back cover near the bottom with contact information. We can tailor your pocket folders to meet your requirement.

Our stock color printed folders are printed on 200-lb., UV-coated, glossy card stock. Each folder has two 4" pockets with business card slits in the right pocket. This is a great option for those who have logos or imagery that is better suited for multi-color printing.

Hot Stamped Glossy Folders

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Hot Stamped Linen Folders

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Color Printed Folders

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Custom Presentation Folders at an Affordable Price!