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Custom Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folders are excellent products to organize your sales literature into a packet for customers. We are able to customize the folder covers with logos and tag lines to brand your company. By customizing the presentation folder, your clients will have your contact information at their finger tips. Personalized sales packets will impress your clients and make them fell special. Our clients have many choices to design their unique imprint and to make their pocket folder exactly the way they want it. The folders can have logos and web addresses printed onto the cover. Each pocket folder comes with two 4 inch pockets on the inside. They hold your business card on the left side or right side pockets. Our folders come in a variety of colors and sizes. 9x12 work will for most business letters and literature. The 9x14.5 size works great for legal application such as real estate contracts or loan documents. The mini size or half sized are good for airline tickets and brochures or church welcome packets. The linen cover stock comes in several professional business colors. The most popular linen stock comes in black, burgundy, forest green, and midnight blue. Gloss white folders with a metallic blue imprint is also a popular selection. We have the lowest prices for presentation folders on the internet.

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